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I'm Thinking Of A Typeclass

        "I'm Thinking Of A Typeclass"

              Rules Of The Game

1. The *answerer* picks a solution for the round.
1. a. The solution is a Haskell typeclass found in the *base* package.
1. b. The solution is fixed before the questions start and never changes until the end of the round.

2. The *questioners* get 10 questions total.
2. a. It is left to the questioners to pick appropriate questions.
2. b. To this end the questioners may confer freely before asking a question.
2. c. Any plain yes-no question about the solution is taken to be directed at the answerer.

3. The answer to a question is "yes", "no" or "be more specific".
3. a. It is never "that's a stupid question".
3. b. If it is "be more specific", the questioners get an extra question.
3. c. If the questioners specifically ask, the answerer may be more specific about what to be more specific about.

4. The questioners may not ask directly about a class function using its name.
4. a. They are encouraged to ask about types and concepts instead.

5. Each questioner gets one guess at the solution.
5. a. If you take a guess and guess wrong, you're out.
5. b. The first questioner to guess the solution right gets to be the next answerer.

6. If the questioners run out of questions the current answerer will be the next answerer.

7. It is mandatory to have fun.

99. The players may change any of the Rules if they so agree.