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xdotool set_desktop 1
firefox -private-window
xdotool sleep 2
wid=`xdotool search --name "Mozilla Firefox" | tail -1`
xdotool windowfocus $wid

xdotool sleep $time
xdotool key ctrl+l
xdotool type $xvideos
xdotool key Return
xdotool sleep $time

xdotool mousemove 179 425 click 1
xdotool sleep $time
xdotool mousemove 848 771
xdotool sleep $time3
xdotool click 1

xdotool mousemove 270 382
xdotool click 1
xdotool type ""
xdotool key Tab type "sotnd1996"
xdotool mousemove 254 442 click 1 sleep 3

#get link first video
xdotool mousemove 621 409
xdotool click 3 sleep $time
xdotool mousemove 788 508
xdotool click 1
xdotool sleep $time

xdotool key ctrl+l type $white
xdotool key Return sleep $time
xdotool mousemove 155 392
xdotool click 3 sleep $time
xdotool mousemove 199 479
xdotool click 1 sleep $time
xdotool key Return