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-- imagine I have this record, for which I create lens
data FileInfo = FileInfo
    _modifyTime :: String
    , _changeTime :: String
  } deriving (Show,Read,Generic)

-- I have a function which does the same things, only depending on the getter that is used
import qualified FileInfo as FI
isUserMoreRecent :: a -> Maybe Time -> FI.FileInfo -> FI.FileInfo -> Bool
isUserMoreRecent getter lastSynchroTime ufi mfi = isRecent || isMoreRecentThanLastSynchro
    isRecent = (view getter ufi) < (view getter mfi)
    isMoreRecentThanLastSynchro = (view getter ufi) < lastSynchroTime

-- I try to use it this way in the code of a local function
        predModif :: FileInfo -> Bool
        predModif  = isUserMoreRecent FI.modifyTime lastSynchroTime ufi
        predChange :: FileInfo -> Bool
        predChange = isUserMoreRecent FI.changeTime lastSynchroTime ufi

-- unfortunately it doesnt compile
-- I was going to switch to the record field name to pass as argument, but I'd prefer trying to understand why using the lens getters did not work
/src/MasterAsk.hs:123:40: error:
     Ambiguous type variable f1 arising from a use of FI.modifyTime
      prevents the constraint (Functor f1) from being solved.
      Probable fix: use a type annotation to specify what f1 should be.
      These potential instances exist:
        instance Functor (Either a) -- Defined in ‘Data.Either’
        instance Functor Identity -- Defined in ‘Data.Functor.Identity’
        instance Functor IO -- Defined in ‘GHC.Base’ 9 others 119 instances involving out-of-scope types
        (use -fprint-potential-instances to see them all)
     In the first argument of isUserMoreRecent, namely
      In the expression:
        (isUserMoreRecent FI.modifyTime lastSynchroTime ufi)
      In an equation for predModif:
          predModif = (isUserMoreRecent FI.modifyTime lastSynchroTime ufi)